The ultimate sustainable backpack for travel and photography

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Our travel range is produced from bluesign approved recovered ocean waste plastics

Introducing the new era of sustainable carry

An ultra-versatile travel hybrid with modular accessories that allow you to adapt to any situation on-the-fly. Featuring a lightweight, weatherproof - yet minimalist look, combined with a technical fit that perfectly meets the needs of the conscious traveler; digital nomad and adventerous hiker.

Over 50 unique features

We created a range of bags with the intention of easing the common pain points associated with travel. Whether it's the organisation of a suitcase you're after, modular components, or the level of fit and comfort found in a hiking backpack, our travel pack has you covered.

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Our initiatives

We're on a mission to make big waves in the way of change.


Made from ocean plastic

Each of our products are made from recycled fabrics, which are produced from recovered ocean waste plastics which have been collected and spun into yarn.

Ethically certified partners

Each of our manufacturing partners are audited to ensure they hold the highest certifications in maintaining ethical standards.

1% for the ocean, always

One percent of our revenue is used to help protect our oceans from further damage. We fund and support ocean clean-ups and initiatives such as the surfrider foundation.

We'll repair or replace, for life

We believe good design is long-lasting, and therefore we guarantee that we'll repair or replace any manufacturing defects or faults that may arise.

Our Mission

We believe in designing for a better tomorrow, with the planet always at the heart of what we do.

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Back the Travel Pack now and receive 37% OFF on Kickstarter!

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Endless organisation and pocketing

A place for everything, and everything in its place

A fleece lined suspended laptop pocket capable of carrying up to a 17" laptop

A clamshell opening allows you to see everything all at once

A tear away compression panel keeps all your items in place

Our environmental commitment

Sustainability first, always.

We strongly believe sustainability should always be at the heart of the process. That's why we carefully select the suppliers we partner with based on both quality and their ability to produce sustainably. We only work with bluesign® certified partners that are extensively vetted to ensure safe and happy working conditions for staff, whilst following environmentally-conscious manufacturing processes.

Our Process

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Ghost fishing nets and nylon scraps are collected from our oceans. The plastic is then cleaned and sorted before being processed.


Nylon Pellets

The nylon portion of the plastic is then sorted and shredded into pellets, while all other types of recovered plastic are recycled accordingly.


Yarn Production

The pellets are then spun into a nylon yarn, which is then woven into our proprietary fabric, before being treated with our DI-TEX coating.



The fabric is then used to produce our products. We only work with bluesign partners to reduce our overall environmental impact throughout this process.


Carry-on compliant with 133 out of 162 international airlines

Earth Conscious Shipping

In order to keep our carbon footprint as light as possible, our pre-order products are sea freighted into the U.S.A and U.K. This allows us to ship globally from within each territory - reducing unnecessary carbon emissions, whilst passing shipping, duty and tax savings onto you.


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